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New Site - Welcome to all visitors to the my new site celebrating one of the best guitars ever designed in the rock era by the greatest guitarist alive. Of course, these are the Ibanez Jem & Universe guitars designed by none other than Mr. Steve Vai.

What is the goal? - Well there is no goal, actually... just somewhere to show off my Jems and also the other guitars in my collection, past and present.

Stuff - Basically, just stop by and take a browse around my site. Check out my stuff. Go to the awesome links that I have on the Jem guitars.

Site Updates

Alien Puke gallery up.

4/19/2001: Alien Puke has arrived!!

4/14/2001: Put up new picts of my new UV777BK.

4/10/2001: Brand new site. Nothing to update.




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